Capitalism: an Outdated System of Unsustainability

In this week’s readings, “Corona, Climate, Chronic Emergency” by Andreas Malm and “In the Shadows of Coronavirus” by Antonio Y. Vázquez-Arroyo, the two authors analyze the coronavirus and climate change in the context of capitalism and socioeconomic inequality. The essays describe how current issues have illuminated the immense correlations between social inequality, political corruption, andContinue reading “Capitalism: an Outdated System of Unsustainability”

The Exploitation of Water Resources

This week explores the exploitation of Earth’s water resources through the irresponsible management of freshwater and water pollution.  The material presented has communicated the failure of humans to control and manage the health and sustainability of our precious water ecosystems. Though we have a responsibility to repair the damage which has already been done onContinue reading “The Exploitation of Water Resources”

The Hazards of Toxic Chemicals and Human Waste

This week’s material centers around the hazards of human activities and waste to the environment and human health. As seen in these chapters as well as the class as a whole, human activities often have a negative impact on the environment, which in turn has a negative impact on human lives. Carelessness and human errorContinue reading “The Hazards of Toxic Chemicals and Human Waste”

Aquatic Biodiversity Loss and Unsustainability in the Food Industry

**heads up: this rough draft is in need of a lot of revising… I found myself in a bit of a jam this week and I am aware that this is not my best work! Final draft will be much better! This week discussed the immense loss of aquatic biodiversity in recent years, and theContinue reading “Aquatic Biodiversity Loss and Unsustainability in the Food Industry”

Human Impact on Wildlife Endangerment and Extinction

This week focuses on the issue of biodiversity loss and the ways humans have had part in the decline of Earth’s species. Through our destructive and wasteful means of consumption, wildlife populations and biodiversity have decreased rapidly in recent years, and are likely to continue this pattern. In order to reverse the damage done, weContinue reading “Human Impact on Wildlife Endangerment and Extinction”

Population Growth’s Effects on Earth and the Human Race

As the population skyrockets, the question arises of whether the Earth can support billions of more people. The ability for future humans (and their consumerist lifestyles) to be sustained by our planet is contested, but it is evident that the immense increase in people is placing a lot of stress on the environment, communities, andContinue reading “Population Growth’s Effects on Earth and the Human Race”

The Environment’s Connections to the Economy, Consumerism, and Government

In this world overwhelmingly controlled by capitalism and consumerism, green revolutions seem an arduous feat. Therefore, if major shifts towards more sustainable lifestyles are to be successful in this sociopolitical climate, green changes must take into account economic and social interests. Though it would be ideal to transform the fabrics of our society themselves (andContinue reading “The Environment’s Connections to the Economy, Consumerism, and Government”